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MAP: Eastern Europe: 1915

By: N/A

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Drawn by the cartographer G. Peltier, this map was first published as a supplement to the French newsmagazine L’Illustration in 1915 to map the eastern theatre during World WarI. It shows East Prussia, western Russia, Poland, and much of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, including Galicia, Bukovina and Transylvania, in excellent detail, identifying small towns and villages, railroads, rivers and their tributaries. The text and legend are in French. View more info

MAP: Map Group for East Central Europe

By: N/A

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Includes maps [M 4] Saxony, [M 8], and [M 19] (see descriptions above for [M 8] and [M 19] and for [M 4]. All 3 maps View more info

MAP: Map Group for Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia

By: N/A

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Includes maps [M 7] and [M 38] (see descriptions above). Both maps View more info


By: Asala, Joanne

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This rich collection of folktales reflects the local and regional flavor of the Slavic people, although the same plots, motifs, and structural elements occur in stories told around the world. For example, in the tale "The Three Golden Hairs," we see the Soudiche, the eastern European equivalent of the greek fate Sisters. A peasant child is ordered to be killed to evade an ominous prophecy, is abandoned to die, but survives to fulfill the dire predictions, much... View more info

Image for Urban Europe, 1100-1700

Urban Europe, 1100-1700

By: David Nicholas

Price: $31.95

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan: 2003

Seller ID: 949838

Reflecting the vigor of both urban and medieval history, this timely textbook from an established scholar in urban studies is a broadly interdisciplinary work that breaks new ground by emphasizing the links between the late medieval and early modern cities. Adopting an organic, environmental approach, David Nicholas examines the common social, governmental, economic and intellectual roles played by most pre-modern cities.About AuthorDavid Nicholas is K... View more info

Childhood in South East Europe : Historical Perspectives on Growing Up in the 19th and 20th Century

By: Editors: Miroslav Jovanovic & Slobodan Naumovic

Price: $44.95

Publisher: Transaction Publishers: 2004

Seller ID: 864391

Growing interest in research on childhood can be regarded as an important factor in what has been learned about the long-term processes of change. Certainly research on childhood has radically transformed history as an academic discipline. This is especially true for historiography in South East Europe, where social history and historical anthropology is still marginal. This book presents 18 contributions; topics include the upbringing of female children in Serbia, rural... View more info